Famous Lesbians

Sappho - poet
Colette - novelist
Djuna Barnes - novelist
Ma Rainey - blues/jazz singer
Anais Nin - writer
Judy Grahn - writer/activist
Paula Gunn Allen - writer/poet/activist
Lady Una Troubridge
Martina Navratilova - athlete
Natalie Barney - writer, Paris "salons"
Gertrude Stein - writer
Radclyffe Hall - writer
Anna Freud - psychotherapist
May Sarton - writer/poet
Chrystos - poet/activist
Billie Jean King - athlete

Martina Navritilova - athlete

Melissa Etheridge - musician

Ani DiFranco - musician
Linda Perry - musician (former front to the defunct 4 Non-Blondes)
Janis Ian - musician
The Indigo Girls - music group
k.d. lang - musician
Chastity Bono - activist
Luscious Jackson - music group
Emily Anderson - photographer
Alison Bechdel - cartoonist
Joan E. Biren (JEB) - photographer
Angela Bocage - cartoonist, writer
Kate Connelly - artist
Janet Cooling - artist
Betsy Damon - artist

Emily Dickinson - writer
Lily Tomlin - actress
Elizabeth Bishop - Pulitzer Prize winner
Amy Lowell - Pulitzer Prize winner
Marianne Moore - Pulitzer Prize winner
Mary Oliver - Pulitzer Prize winner
Colonel Margerethe Cammermeyer, US Army (retired)
Donna Lynn Jackson, US Army, Operation Desert Storm
Sergeant Miriam Ben-Shalom, US Army
Alexis Arquette - actress (sister of Roseanna Arquette)
Betsy Brooks - musician (sister of Garth Brooks)
Cheryl Crane - writer (daughter of Lana Turner)
Candace Gingrich - activist
Dee Mossbacher - Doctor and filmmaker (daughter of former Secretary of Commerce Robert Mossbacher)
Susan B. Anthony, Women's rights advocate
Sandra Bernhardt, comedian
Rita Mae Brown, author
Willa Cather, author
Charlotte Cushman, actor
Emily Dickenson, author
Margaret Fuller
Lorraine Hansberry
Lillian Hellman, author
Janis Joplin, singer
Sheila James Kuhle, actor
Amy Lowell, poet,
Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet
Kate Millett, author
Agnes Moorhead, actor
Eleanor Roosevelt
Victoria Sackville-West, author
Sappho, poet
Bessie Smith, singer
Gertrude Stein, author
Alice B. Toklas, author, cook
Virginia Woolf, author
Margherite Yourcenou
Madame de Stael, author