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**********The Rules:***********

1. No Spam. This means chain mail, get-rich-quick stuff, virus warnings/hoaxes, et cetera. If you don't know what these things are, please write the list owners and we'll be glad to give you some examples. I'd advise against sending alot of forwards to the list also. A few are okay on occasion, but if it becomes a problem, it'll have to stop mas rapido.

2. Chatting on the list is okay - to a point. Use common sense here. Feel free to use the chatroom at the Yahoo Groups A_L page any time you please, or take chatty things off list into your private email, ICQ, AIM, whatever. Also, feel free to post an invite for list members to get together in the chat room. Might take some arranging, but it might be fun.

3. No advertising for other lists without getting approval from the moderator. Advertising a list in a sig line is okay, but advertising it as "Join my list!" is not okay unless you get permission first. It's a common list etiquette type thing that's pretty much the rule of thumb on most lists across the net.

4. We don't ask that you don't post in HTML, BUT we *really* would like it if you post in TEXT.

5. No flaming. Act your age, not your shoe size. Flaming usually starts when hot-button topics hit the list: religion, sexuality (les vs. bi), politics. So, if you can't address these things objectively on the list, don't address them on the list, but feel free to take them off-list to the chatroom, to your private email, ICQ, et cetera.

If a flame war starts (but they are very rare on this list), the list mom or the chief moderator will step in and put it out real quick.

6. No male, bisexual, or heterosexual members. This is a woman-only, lesbian-only space - NOT an anti-bi, anti-het, anti-male space. You've gotta respect that, and if you don't, you'll be removed from the list without warning.

9. Email attachments: Remember not everyone has a huge, unlimited space mailbox. #1: Don't send any programs or such to the list. Doing so will get you drop kicked off. #2: Pictures of kids, pets, vacations, wifey, gf, wifey and gf, favorite vehicle, etc. are just dandy, but a meg of pictures is not (1 meg = 1,000,000k. The size of an average jpeg is 30k - 60k). Racy material is okay with the moderator, but may not be okay with your list members. If you're unsure if the list wants to see your latest scan of the playmate of the month, just ask them (the answer will probably be no). However, this isn't a porn list, so don't bless us with a daily supply; and if you post material that's illegal or in bad taste, bend over and kiss your @$$ goodbye!

10. Anything posted to this list, stays on this list. No post is to leave this list headed for the inbox of a non-member or other list, whether similar or not. The only exceptions are list announcements for events such as Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs or the like, call to political action, etc. However, when you send that information to someone else, cut away the headers (the email addresses, date, timestamp, etc.) and the footers (Yahoo Groups messages, ad for Ark Les homepage, etc.) so that only the body of the message (i.e., the relevant part) is sent.


Q: Why the heck can't men, bisexuals and trannies join? I have alot of friends - they're not all 'just' one thing or another. Are you prejudiced, uneducated, small-minded, or do you hate others for being who they are? What's up with that??

A: Although I have been called some nasty names and been accused of being narrow-minded, anti-feminist and counter-productive to the civil rights movement in general, I assure you, I am not. The situation didn't involve me settling down with diagrams and schemes of plots against others whose likes and lives are different than mine. I did not set out to undermine the women's lib movement, gay rights, or overturn the sensibilities of otherwise open-minded lesbians. I did not set out to shut people out, barricade entrances into free-thinking, or systematically dole out negativities from the lesbian nation to everyone else. I simply created this list one day after a fruitless search for a lesbian community exchange in Arkansas. I wanted to belong to one; there wasn't one. So I made one. This isn't VMI. It's a mailing list. Not a political agenda. A mailing list.

Q: Can gay-friendly people join the list? My mom/brother/aunt/political-activist best friend/college roomie completely supports me and wants to be a part of something.

A: Nope. If they're wishing to be a part of something, to donate their time or work or money, they should contact their local gay/les community center or PFLAG, because they need volunteers. If there isn't one, there are plenty of great charities locally and around the nation who would benefit from a pair of extra hands or a couple of extra dollars.

Q: I'm promoting awareness in the gay and lesbian community about AIDS/hate crimes/adoption rights/immigration/political issues/safer sex. Can I please join so I can get people to sign my petition/visit my site/hear what I have to say?

A: Nope. If you have a webpage, you can submit the link to me and I'll consider posting it if it's relevant. If you have a specific issue you'd like to run past the members, write to me and ask if I will post a message on your behalf, again only if it's relevant.

Don't join the list to spam us.

Q: Is the list 100% safe from hate-mongers, pervs and religious nuts?

A: Although we screen each member pretty thoroughly, there is never any 100% guarantee that you're safe. As much as I wish it were so, it is not. We recommend that anywhere on the internet, at all, that you always guard your personal information and the personal information of others. This includes your passwords, your banking information, your date of birth, full name, address, phone number, location and names of relatives, etc. There really is no 'sure' bet on complete safety, but not giving out specific information that can identify you and your location is a good start in keeping your privacy.

Q: Someone is harassing me in email and I think they're on the list. What do I do?

A: Email me a copy of their harassing email(s), completely intact (with full headers), and I'll look into it immediately.

Q: Someone is harassing me in person and I think they're on the list.

A: Immediately contact the police. Go someplace safe if you think you're in danger. If you can, let me know so I can be of help to authorities if needed.

Q: What's there to do in (my city/town)?

A: Ask the list as a good majority of members stay current on what's going on locally. You can also check out the Resources page on the Ark_Les website, which isn't as current. (https://members.tripod.com/arklesbians)

Q: Can I post my stats, or a singles ad, or something like that, to the list? I'm single and Ms. Right might be here.

A: You can sure post that you're single and that you're looking for 'the one', but please don't post an ad. We're more a group that hangs out and gets to know each other and if sparks fly, great. But we're not a dating service. If you really want to meet someone, get to know others on the list, online and offline. Who knows what the future will bring?

Q: I want off this list right freepin now!!!!!!

A: First, dispense with the 'tude. If you're in a hurry and need help fast, contact the moderators directly and give us a chance to help you. But don't depend on the moderators to unsub you or change your subscription settings because you don't wanna. We're not here to do it for you so you don't have to, but we are here to give you help when you need it. Write all the moderators: Arkansas_Lesbians-owner@yahoogroups.com

Any other questions? Write the list owners collectively at Arkansas_Lesbians-owner@yahoogroups.com. This mail goes only to them, and not to the list.

Feel free to discuss anything. We're all adults here. Any topic is up for grabs. The only thing I ask is that you remember that you're sharing space with 100+ others.

If you would like to post prose, poetry or artwork to the list, go for it. There are more than a few artists among us. If the material contains violence or sexual content, just write a note at the beginning of the piece saying so, as some members may not wish to view it (see #9).

If you have suggestions for the website, feel free to let me know.

Everyone is encouraged to post a short bio of themselves when they join the list. That way we all get a sense of who's around us, what we have in common, we can break the ice easier, and all that neat stuff. :)




This isn't a porn list. If you're a guy (or a gal) here looking for hot babes to help you realize your hottest lesbian sex fantasies, or you just wanna nose in on some sex talk, you'll be bored. Save us (including yourself) the trouble:


To be on this list, your Yahoo ID profile must AT LEAST:

1. Your sex (hopefully you'll say 'Female' on this one...).

2. Your state (we're predominantly Arkansans but exceptions are made from time to time).

3. Your first name at least (no handles, chat nicknames, usernames, etc.).

This is just another administrative task that needs to be done, especially on a list like this, where everyone needs to feel a level of safety and comfort.

Remember, most importantly, this list is here for you to have fun and enjoy yourselves and the company of other gals like you! :)



List Owner/Moderator

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